Qore 0.8.6 has just been released with major new featured and bugfixes over

The highlights of this release are:


  • perl-style boolean evaluation: one of the most annoying design bugs in Qore has just been addressed; the surprising thing is that are basically no practical cases for regression errors with the new more intuitive logic (see the link for more information)
  • arbitrary-precision numeric support: new "number" data type (and pseudo-class, etc), and support in mathematical functions as well as DBI support to return numeric types with this data type to avoid losing information (when numeric types cannot be returned as an integer for example)
  • the %try-module parse directive: for handling module loading errors at parse time
  • DBI option support: there is a new API for setting and retrieving option values in DBI drivers
  • Socket class improvements: bugs fixed in non-blocking I/O with read operations, implemented non-blocking I/O support for all write operations as well
  • iterator improvements: several new iterator classes, new methods in existing iterators, and a new pseudo-method in the root pseudo-class to allow any value to be iterated, also iterator support was added to the foreach statement
  • text file parsing improvements: new ReadOnlyFile and FileLineIterator classes were added along with the new CvsUtil module and other minor improvements making a big difference in Qore's text file processing capability
  • 18 bug fixes and many other minor improvements, please see the complete release notes for more information


For details, see: