The following new releases of binary modules for Qore have been released:

  • ssh2 v0.9.8: implements non-blocking I/O for all SFTP operations, also implements a workaround for broken SFTP servers that set the file mode to 0 when opening remote files read-only
  • oracle v3.0: implements support for Oracle Advanced Queueing as well as for LONG columns
  • pgsql v2.2fixed a bug with the SQLStatement class where bind arguments were not bound on subsequent calls to SQLStatement::exec() or SQLStatement::execArgs()
  • json 1.2fixed serialization/deserialization/escaping regarding control characters to comply with RFC 4627; verified compatibility with many 3rd party javascript libraries and browsers for both client and server (also JSON-RPC)

Information about downloads, source code, and documentation are available in the above links.